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Recruitment position: account manager

About the position

The responsibility of the account manager is mainly to make customers become our members through phone calls and door-to-door methods, and then during the customer's contract period, the operation department and you will conduct follow-up visits.

Duties and responsibilities

1. Actively use multiple channels to find and visit domestic and foreign trade enterprises, assist customers in building marketing websites, and provide customers with a complete set of e-commerce drainage through domestic search engines (Baidu, 360, Sogou) and foreign search engines (Google) Solutions (independent stations, SEO optimization, SEM, etc.)

2. In-depth exploration of B2B customer search engines and supply chain needs, and promote the implementation of localized services for e-commerce overall solutions.

about you

1. 18-30 years old college degree or above (relevant experience conditions can be relaxed, fresh graduates are also acceptable), more than 2 years of relevant work experience in the Internet industry, and experience in website building, search engine, B2B marketing platform promotion is preferred;

2. Have clear data-based operation thinking and systematic thinking, be able to quickly implement ideas, have outstanding ability to obtain results, and have marketing planning work experience;

3. Have strong communication, coordination, promotion and resistance to pressure, strong innovation and learning ability, and be able to effectively organize and promote outreach cooperation;

4. Cars are preferred! ! !

Recruitment position: telephone sales

Skill requirements

Fluent in Mandarin, sales management, telemarketing

1. Responsible for collecting and communicating information about new customers and developing new customers.

2. Effectively communicate with customers via telephone, understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and complete sales performance, develop customers through online chat on various network platforms.

3. Conduct marketing to the company's existing customers, so that customers can accept a wider range of network products, and achieve good marketing results.

4. Able to communicate with customers on a regular basis and establish a good long-term cooperative relationship.

job requirements

1. 18-30 years old college degree or above, fresh graduates can be considered, and those with the ability can relax the requirements appropriately.

2. Clear speaking, fluent in Mandarin, must have a sense of service, love sales, and be willing to challenge high salaries.

3. Have strong learning ability, stress resistance and communication skills, and be responsible.

4. Actively learn and master telemarketing knowledge and skills.

5. Working experience in telemarketing is preferred!

Recruitment position: foreign trade clerk

Job Responsibilities

1. Use the company's Alibaba platform and mainstream channels and exhibitions to develop foreign trade business, expand overseas markets, develop and maintain foreign customers, and complete the company's performance requirements;

2. Communicate with foreign customers via email, phone or face to face, and independently complete customer development and maintenance;

3. Complete the entire order processing process in accordance with the company's requirements, from developing customers, placing orders, documenting orders, receiving payment to shipping, and making all relevant documents to ensure that the goods are completed in accordance with customer requirements;

4. Responsible for formulating sales plans, and formulating sales strategies based on customers and market conditions.

5. Responsible for the daily management of the sales team, help establish, supplement, develop and train the sales team, stimulate team strength and improve work efficiency.

job requirements

1. 18-30 years old college (inclusive) or above, CET4 or above, international trade, business English is especially good;

2. Strong English reading and writing skills, able to communicate directly with foreign customers, and familiar with the use of business English correspondence;

3. More than 2 years of working experience in foreign trade business, familiar with the various procedures and relevant laws and regulations of trade work, careful thinking and clear organization;

4. Ability to independently develop customers and transaction experience.

5. Familiar with mainstream Internet platforms and exhibitions, and have a certain understanding of the rules;

6. Being upright, abiding by professional ethics, rigorous thinking, active in thinking, daring to innovate, able to withstand work pressure, strong

Professionalism and professionalism.

Recruitment position: cross-border e-commerce operation

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for website and platform optimization, product launch and store layout;

2. Responsible for the operation, planning, and promotion of the company's store, improve the store's exposure and click-through rate through data analysis, keyword extraction and other operational techniques, and increase inquiries

3. Evaluate and implement the next promotion plan according to the quality and quantity of the inquiry;

4. Evaluate the quality of keywords and propose optimization solutions for keywords;

5. Docking all business processes to improve customer experience.


1. 18-30 years old college degree or above, with at least 1 year of platform operation and operation experience and platform operation experience;

2. Love the operation and promotion work and have successful operation cases;

3. Good overall planning, logical thinking, communication skills, strong execution and resistance to pressure, and team spirit!

Recruitment position: art design

Work content

1. Responsible for the visual planning and visual realization of the homepage, inner page, marketing layout and various promotional activities of the company's official website and mainstream B2B platform online stores;

2. Cooperate with the operation department and the project leader to achieve various visual effects;

3. Product picture shooting, video shooting and editing.

Job Requirements

1. Have strong design thinking and logic, and have a certain understanding of color preferences in different overseas markets.

2. Have a good aesthetic, unique understanding and good experience in product composition and visual presentation.

3. Good shooting, video and editing capabilities, working experience in an e-commerce company is preferred.

4. Strengthen self-learning of visual marketing, develop creative visual solutions, in-depth excavation of various product selling points, and formulate standardized visual presentation forms, which can think from the perspective of consumers and enhance brand influence.

5. Have a certain ability to express and recognize the values ​​and culture of Internet companies.

Company benefits

1. Salary: basic salary + high commission + performance + partner system

2. Social security, company gatherings, statutory public holidays, etc.

3. The company's humanized management, high-quality foreign trade platform and product line, fair competition system and reasonable career promotion mechanism and partner mechanism.

4. Complete internal training system and promotion system.

5. High-quality overseas customer resources and traffic guarantee.

Irregularly organize employee dinners, ktv entertainment, seaside barbecue, domestic travel

6. Working hours: 5.5, eight-hour system, normal holidays on holidays, (work easy and flexible without boring fatigue)

7. Free daily professional knowledge training to improve your professionalism faster, and master the basic knowledge and billing skills of the Internet + faster

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