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About Customer Relationship Management of Foreign Trade Express

About Foreign Trade Express Foreign Trade Management System

The foreign trade express foreign trade management system is based on a digitally driven intelligent foreign trade CRM, which integrates customer, email, team, sales, marketing and other functions to help foreign trade companies effectively manage customer relationships and enhance their competitiveness.

Product positioning of Foreign Trade Express CRM System

Foreign Trade Express CRMProduct Positioning

Intelligent foreign trade CRM based on digital drive

Multi-channel foreign trade online marketing promotion system+Strict customer follow-up system+Powerful email management system+Foreign trade sales management

Advantages of Foreign Trade Express CRM System

What kind of system is Foreign Trade Express CRM?


Based on the digital-driven intelligent foreign trade CRM, it integrates customer, email, team, sales, marketing and other functions.

Convenient and efficient

There is no need to install cumbersome clients, and log in directly with a browser; fully SAAS-oriented, enterprises do not need to purchase hardware, deploy computer rooms, and recruit IT personnel. It is as convenient as "opening the tap and using water".

advanced technology

Take MYSQL, MONGODB as database engine; PYTHON as background service; FLASK as

Framework; JS is the front end, in short, it is an advanced and popular development language.


The server supports WINDOWS and LINUX; the client supports WINDOWS, MAC OS, iOS


5 core advantages to solve the pain points of foreign trade management

Five core advantages-Solving the pain points of foreign trade management

All-round personnel management, one-click realization of business transfer, customer assignment

Centralized and unified management of data, quickly and easily find the required data

AI intelligently serves customers, improves customer loyalty and satisfaction, and improves customer repurchase

Multi-dimensional and comprehensive statistical analysis of business data to predict customer needs

Work collaboratively anytime, anywhere to manage corporate affairs

Comprehensive integration of multiple applications

Fully integrate multiple applications



"Help foreign trade companies increase sales revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and increase the return on marketing investment."

Help the boss manage the company

Help the foreign trade manager manage

Help foreign trade clerk manage well

Every detailEvery salesmanEvery customer

8-major system modules-control foreign trade business processes

Eight system modules-control the foreign trade business process

01. Intelligent cloud management cockpit

Comprehensive control of business dynamics

By proactively analyzing, processing, and integrating massive data to present to customers, it provides leadership for decision-making and tracks work progress for employees.

02. Customer Management

Customer-centric management mechanism

Unified and centralized management of customer information, precipitation of enterprise-level big data customer database; high sea customer management mechanism, 360-degree circular tracking and mining customer needs; scientific analysis of customer tracking data, targeted mining of marketing customers, and improved customer resource conversion rate; sales funnel customer hierarchical management , Reasonably allocate customer resources.

03. Mail management

Enterprise-level centralized management of massive emails

E-mails are stored in a centralized manner, viewed according to authority levels, real-time control of e-mail receiving and dispatching, automatic merging by customers, and support for e-mail approval, mass mailing, e-mail distribution, e-mail tracking and other functions. Business module data is seamlessly integrated with emails, and one-click delivery.

04. Product Management

Unified management of product data classification and classification

The pictures and texts display the basic product information in an intuitive and orderly manner, realize the unified electronic sample library of the enterprise, find the required data in real time, unify and standardize the product data and corresponding suppliers; support historical queries such as product quotations and sales.

05. Sales Management

Strict sales business process management

Real-time control of customers, inquiries, quotations, contract history and execution, quickly generate quotations, sales contracts; support business process approval, reasonable control of the sales process; real-time statistical analysis of sales performance.

06. Team Management

Multi-dimensional data perspective decision analysis

Develop a sales plan and feedback the implementation in real time. Multi-dimensional statistical analysis facilitates internal performance PK and performance appraisal, and provides a basis for decision-making. Graphical and intuitive display of operational data, business dynamics are clear at a glance.

07. Inquiry management

Sort out and follow up the enquiry clues

Quickly form a scientific and stable work flow of inquiry development, reception and return visits, and urge sales to follow up with customers in a timely manner, reduce customer loss, and increase sales order conversion rate.

08. Mobile office

Control everything anytime, anywhere

Mobile office programs such as attendance, sign-in, approval, reminder, quotation, data query, and statistical report viewing can be realized through mobile APP.

Customer testimonials

Shanghai Ruiqi Group Co., Ltd.

Hong Kong Ruiqi Group Shanghai Branch, mainly engaged in the export business of daily groceries, staff size

There are about 200 people, more than 10,000 kinds of products, and an annual turnover of 80 million US dollars.

Through the Smart Cloud CRM, in terms of product management, the classification of products is achieved

Unified management of classes, and support for combined display of graphics and text, making it easy to quickly find the required data.

Ningbo Nilande Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.

NEEQ listed company, famous magnetic material and device manufacturer, Siemens, Volkswagen

, Bosch, Emerson, Tesla and other world-renowned enterprise suppliers.

Use Smart Cloud CRM to introduce general customer +salesman customers+ email management

To make customer resources truly flow within the company and make customer resources a reality

Positive cooperation customers.

Yangzhou Dingxiu Import and Export Co., Ltd.

A professional hat manufacturer with a history of 20 years, excellent brands such as K-MART and Disney

Supplier, with an annual export value of 120 million US dollars. More than 250 people use the software, annual mail receipt

The number of shipments reached 150,000, and the use of Smart Cloud CRM to ensure the flexibility of foreign trade business development,

Efficient, greatly improving the efficiency of corporate business.

Customer testimonials