Foreign Trade Express Super B Package

Foreign Trade Express Super B Package

Product Details

What is Foreign Trade Express?

Foreign Trade Express is an intelligent network marketing system platform based on big data and cloud computing. Relying on five major functional systems, it helps foreign trade companies to intelligently create multilingual marketing websites and advanced VR display websites. Through purchaser data mining, search engine marketing, SNS and other multi-channel network marketing, global promotion and emerging market development can be realized.

Five function systems of foreign trade express

Five functions

Six characteristics of fast foreign trade products

Six characteristics

1. Easy to build websiteInternational marketing website+47 small language websites one-click generation = fool-style website construction
2. Search EasyMulti-language multi-search engine entire siteSEO+Rich external chain resources+Related keyword recommendation tool=Excellent search engine performance
3. Easy to browseEuropean and American style website+Microsoft Azure cloud server+Wap website suitable for mobile browsing=Provide visitors with a good browsing experience anytime, anywhere
4. Easy marketingA large number of keywords Google homepage ranking+Business information broadcasting software=all-round precision marketing
5. Easy to convertInquiry system+mail system+Social media marketing=make every visit leave a mark
6. Easy to operateWeb-side one-stop management and monitoring system + Foreign Trade Express app=Multi-scene convenient control

Customer service process

customer service process

What is "365 Service Closed Loop Project"?

365 days after the order is executed, that is, the entire service cycle of a single order, we will provide customers with targeted services in stages to help customers improve the use of foreign trade express and promote renewal. Create a closed loop from signing, service, effect to contract renewal.

How to do 365 service closed loop project?






Service node



Working day

Headquarters customer service

Channel dealer sales and customer service

Customer service

Order Confirmation

Website online

Homepage compliance

First quarter of compliance

Up to the second quarter

Up to the third quarter

After the order is confirmed, within 5 working days

After the website goes live, within 5 working days,

Within 5 working days after reaching the standard in the first quarter

After reaching the standard in the second quarter, within 5 working days

After reaching the standard in the third quarter, within 5 working days

Foreign Trade Express Super B Package

Easy to talk about orders and high profits


Package Type

Super B

Website production

Website building

VR panoramic view factory


Google ranking
Home page keyword commitment number


System functions

Foreign Trade Express App

47 minor language system generation

Mobile website generation

Customer portrait

Global Buyer Recommendation

Global Buyer Inquiry


Foreign trade practical training

Foreign Trade Express Business Software

SNS marketing


Intelligent monitoring


Website production

Website building

9,800 yuan

VR panoramic view factory

0 yuan

Google ranking

18800 yuan

System functions

21,000 yuan

First year discount
9,800 yuan


39,800 yuan/year

Foreign trade express order service details

Service details

Foreign trade express order service details
Service phaseSpecific service content
Data before optimization
Collection phase
After the order is generated, a professional customer service will be in place within one working day
Perform one-to-one customer service to guide customers to sort out the data before optimization
Every Tuesday, four video training courses, in-depth explanation, how to build a good marketing website
Register domain names for customers and assign minor languages
After reviewing the site construction materials within 7 working days, submit the site construction
Website buildingProfessional editors provide one-stop site building services
Build the site within 7 working days at most
After the website is built, the customer service department has professional customer service to track the follow-up modification of the website and the art connection
Optimize maintenance periodAfter the station is built, it usually takes 3-5 working days for the technical department to start the foundation optimization work in the station
The basic optimization is completed and 47 minor languages ​​are generated
Arrange a dedicated service customer service during the service to track the effect of the entire site and give reasonable suggestions
Every Wednesday, five video training courses, in-depth explanation of how to improve the effect of the inquiry through the system background
Dedicated customer service, one-on-one answering questions, teach you to use background tools


Q: Can I use my own domain name for optimization?

A: Don’t worry about this. You can keep your old website, or we can make a jump to your old domain name, so that your old customers can automatically jump to the newly built foreign trade express when they visit the old website. The website comes up so that your customers will not be lost. The second point is that the old domain name is that the website is used by old customers. The website made by our new domain name is a marketing type website for the purpose of developing new customers. The two are not contradictory.

Q: Are there any related cases? I will work with you if there is a case in the same industry.

Hello, we keep the customer's promotion data strictly confidential. Without the customer's permission, we cannot use the customer's website and backstage as case demonstrations. Just like you cooperate with me, we will keep your business information confidential. The system backend that I just demonstrated to you was confirmed by our headquarters and customers and approved by customers.

Q: Can your price be cheaper? Can I pay in installments and pay the balance after reaching the standard?

A: Hello, for your legitimate rights and interests, our contracts are all three-party contracts that are uniformly configured by the headquarters. Your company's seal, our local service center's seal, and the headquarters' seal. All payments are sent to the Hangzhou headquarters. The price is uniformly set by the headquarters, and the service centers across the country are the same. There is really no way to make this cheap, and there is no way to pay in installments. In addition, our contract also stipulates that the contract will not take effect until the full payment is received.

Q: What happens to the website after the cooperation ends?

A: After the contract expires, you can continue to renew the cooperation with us. The headquarters technology can continue to help you maintain the ranking of the website. If you want to terminate the cooperation, you can transfer the domain name from our side for free, and your website will be reduced to our system Free members, but you can still open it. The specific website refers to the unified authority standard of the system.

Q: If an industry is doing foreign trade express, do you guarantee the ranking?

A: Hello! Because each of our customers has a clear ranking commitment, and Google's homepage has only 10 natural ranking positions. In this case, our company cannot cooperate with many customers in each industry like a platform. Therefore, generally speaking, in each industry, if the products are the same, we will only make three. After more than three, we must submit the headquarters for review before signing the contract. It is generally difficult to approve. Because, if the customer’s ranking cannot be improved, we will refund the customer. This situation will not only delay the customer’s promotion time, but also increase our technical investment. So, for you, it must be better!