Foreign Trade Express Super A Package

Foreign Trade Express Super A Package

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About Foreign Trade Express

Foreign Trade ExpressIt is a combination of Google search engine and community, social software and B2B business platform for foreign trade companies to promote and synchronize optimization to drive Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and other major global search engines.
In the background of the system, you can view website ranking, traffic, and inquiry in real time.
Foreign Trade Express business software can register and edit company information with one click and publish it to more than 300 well-known B2B platforms around the world to bring more exposure and traffic.
SNS social media facebook, WhatsApp, LinKedln, etc. synchronously promote, truly realize global digital marketing.

Why do you need Foreign Trade Express?

Foreign trade global express train

Five systems of foreign trade express

Intelligent website building system

Intelligent VR panoramic display system

Multi-channel online marketing system

Intelligent monitoring system

Features of Foreign Trade Express

Ranked for more than 100 keywords, seize the Google homepage

Hundreds of b2b platform information

Covering 95% of global buyers

Cover the pc end and wap end

SNS customer mining, realizing real big data marketing

VR technology, realizing online factory viewing

Ranking 24 hours stable online

Independent mobile website

Difference from B2B platform

The B2B platform is a store-in-shop model, and the independent station is the flagship store model

The B2B platform only opens part of the data, and a single independent station is autonomous

The foreign trade express is an independent station and does not conflict with the B2B platform

Customers who find you from B2B will also go to independent stations to learn more about you

The value of foreign trade expressTechnical strength: more than 200 SEO technical talents

Brand influence: Owning an industry field---SEO.COM.CN

Company size: 100 service centers in more than 60 cities across the country

Optimized industry: New OTC listed company in SEO industry

Different from auction ads

Pay per click to burn money, SEO cost-effective

SEO has a higher click-through rate than auction ads and a wide range of rankings

Many long-tail words do not need to be auctioned ads

Small language promotion does not require bidding advertising

Mobile promotion is suitable for SEO

SEO should be done in the long term, and bidding should be considered in the short term

What are you afraid of?

Worried about ranking? - There will be a ranking according to the process

Worried about no enquiry? --The content determines the important factor of the inquiry

Worried about taking time? No time-consuming promotion yet

Worried about high prices? The average cost of foreign trade express is only 2000 yuan/month

Stand alone

Independent station> official website +B2B platform

Inquiries are more targeted and of higher quality

The value of the website will be higher and higher

Official brand website with sales function

A ranking, traffic, and inquiry website is a very important asset of the company

Because it's yours

The domain name of the website is yours

The website is also yours, not affiliated

Let the order come to you proactively

Foreign Trade Express is your salesman

The company website is a sales for our customers

Why do it hard by yourself

Hundreds of thousands of expenses every year, the cost is too high

SEO talent is rare

No guarantee of project success

Can’t make full use of google rules in time to improve a stable ranking

Time and talent cost is high

Five functional systems for foreign trade through train

Five functional systems

Three channels for web development

Three channels for web development

Eight advantages of foreign trade express

Eight advantages

Smart Internet Marketing Matrix

The foreign trade express intelligent network marketing matrix composed of Google homepage keyword ranking, customer portrait, global buyer recommendation, global purchaser query, foreign trade express business software, SNS marketing, and foreign trade practical training, covering all aspects in one system to the greatest extent The network marketing channel of the company truly realizes intelligent network marketing based on big data and cloud computing.

Seize the Google homepage

The foreign trade express products are developed based on Si Yiou's more than 10 years of foreign trade marketing technical experience and advanced search engine marketing. Foreign Trade Express promises to ensure that 50 to 400 product-related keywords of the company are ranked on the global homepage of, and comprehensively enhance the company's exposure in the global market.

Real big data marketing

Foreign Trade Express integrates big data from the entire global network and the entire industry, intelligently recommends potential global buyers for users, and realizes conditional query of users' independent global buyers. At the same time, the smart SNS social marketing function of Foreign Trade Express is based on the high-quality data of the billion-level SNS platforms Facebook and LinkedIn, supplemented by hundreds of B2B business platforms around the world, to establish a powerful database for users; intelligent data mining, friends grouping , Friends interaction and information push operations, to help users easily obtain and process data, and truly carry out big data marketing.

Localized marketing opens up a new blue ocean of foreign trade

The foreign trade express intelligent station building system supports 48 different language versions to build the station, and each language version website corresponds to the search engine marketing of the corresponding language station of the google search engine, realizing the localized marketing of user products and services, and opening up the traditional English market for Chinese foreign trade New blue ocean.

Subvert the traditional revolutionary website and product display methods

The innovative functions of foreign trade express VR panoramic view factory use high-tech VR technology in the field of corporate brand display and marketing, which can better reflect brand value, corporate strength and innovative spirit. The immersive and interactive display effect breaks through the limitations of time and region, allowing potential customers to visit the factory and experience products and services as if they are on the spot, increase trust, and increase the chance of a deal.

Social marketing faces a new future

The smart SNS marketing function of Foreign Trade Express, through correlation analysis based on billions of SNS data and friend group management, as well as real-time information push, and frequent and targeted friend interaction to contact customers, attracting waterfall traffic and high intentions Customer inquiries, realizing real social marketing for users.

Covering 95% of foreign buyers worldwide

Google is the world's largest search engine, with billions of searches every day. More than 95% of global buyers use Google to find product suppliers when purchasing products. Foreign Trade Express allows a large number of product information of users and companies to appear on the homepage of Google's multiple language stations, allowing companies to obtain inquiries from global buyers in a short time, allowing your products to cover every corner of the world.

Multi-scenario coverage of mobile marketing

Foreign Trade Express provides users with PC and mobile websites in corresponding languages ​​at the same time, and the two sets of websites are optimized and managed on the same platform. Full coverage of the user's work scenarios, but also comprehensive coverage of the purchaser's search behavior and habits on the PC and mobile terminals. At the same time, the Foreign Trade Express App also realizes the simultaneous management of all websites and mobile terminal information such as rankings, traffic, and inquiries for users.

Foreign Trade Express Super A Version Package

Easy to talk about orders and high profits


Package Type

Super A

Website production

Website building

VR panoramic view factory


Google ranking
Home page keyword commitment number


System functions

Foreign Trade Express App

47 minor language system generation


Mobile website generation


Customer portrait

Global Buyer Recommendation


Global Buyer Inquiry


Foreign trade practical training

Foreign Trade Express Business Software


SNS marketing


Intelligent monitoring


Website production

Website building

9,800 yuan

VR panoramic view factory

0 yuan

Google ranking

14,800 yuan

System functions

15000 yuan

First year discount
9,800 yuan


29,800 yuan/year

Function description of foreign trade express system

Function description of foreign trade express system

function name

Function description

Webpage production

Website building

Marketing website

Build a set of corporate websites with independent marketing capabilities for foreign trade express users, and give away dedicated smart cloud servers

Minor language website

The foreign trade express intelligent station system supports foreign language47Minor languages(MoralityiLi, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, etc.)Build a station

Cell phoneWAPwebsite

Suitable for mobile browsing and mobile search rules48PhonesWAPstation

VRPanoramic view of the factory

Based on advancedVRTechnology and360Degree panoramic display technology,Contains one set for foreign trade expressVRPanorama website development and application support system,as well as2Scenes(Can contain1Aerial panorama)


Google.comHome page ranking keywords commitment number

Foreign Trade Express StationSEOtechnology,based onGoogleSearch engine ranking rules and algorithms,Make the structure, code, content, links and other aspects of the website meet the standard,According to different package requirements,Siyiou promises different amounts ofGoogle.comHome page keyword ranking number,Keywords include core product words, product classification words, and accurate long-tail keywords.

System functions

Foreign Trade ExpressApp

View and manage keyword rankings, traffic, visits, emails and inquiries anytime and anywhere,Real-time communication and interaction with customers

47Minor language system generation

The foreign trade express system intelligently generates websites in 47 minor languages ​​(German, French, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish) other than English, and synchronizes SEO.

Mobile website generation

Intelligent generation48Mobile phones suitable for mobile browsing and mobile search rules in multiple languagesWAPStation and syncSEO.

Customer portrait

Comprehensive analysis of buyer information from multiple dimensions,Provide accurate data basis for foreign trade express users to quickly identify buyers and formulate the next customer development plan.

Global Buyer Recommendation

According to the products and keywords of foreign trade express users,Automatically recommend a list of global potential buyers.

Global Buyer Inquiry

Users according to their needs,Enter the corresponding query conditions,Look up potential buyers worldwide.

Foreign trade practical training

Including the whole stationSEOTechnology and strategy, how to build a marketing website, how to improve the conversion of inquiries and other foreign trade practical training

Foreign Trade Express Business Software

Business exposure and rapid spread of software,For users in many international foreign tradeB2BThe platform creates corporate homepages and publishes product and service information.


One-stop social marketing based on global SNS big data helps foreign trade companies to intelligently mine customer data, intelligently interact and intelligently achieve conversion. Including cross-platform multi-account management system, intelligent social marketing system, and intelligent monitoring system.
Use the sub-account mode under the master account, open a master account, and set up 3 sub-accounts under the cap, which can manage 18 Facebook and Linkedin social accounts

Intelligent monitoring

Log in once with an account to fully manage all websites and monitor the effects of various functions.