Foreign Trade Express Super C Package

Foreign Trade Express Super C Package

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Five function systems of foreign trade express

Search engine basics

Search engine concept

Search Engine OptimizationIt is a system website that provides network information retrieval services. Based on certain strategies, it uses specific computer programs to collect information from the Internet. After the information is organized and processed, it provides users with information retrieval services. Common search engines to attract traffic include Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The value of search engines

As the Internet becomes more and more widely used in daily life and work, users urgently need to quickly and accurately find the information they need from the ocean of information. Therefore, it is very precious to get a top position on the search engine. Bring a lot of business opportunities to website operators who have obtained good rankings. Currently, search engine ranking methods are divided into two types, bid ranking and natural ranking.

How search engines work

Each search engine has its own spider program (search robot program), crawling on the Internet through the spider program, crawling a large amount of information on the entire Internet, and then storing the captured information in the search engine's own server ( This process is called inclusion). When a user enters keywords to retrieve information through a search engine, the amount of information in the search engine database is very large, so the search engine has a set of rules to judge the importance of this information, that is, The search engine will prioritize the popular website information it considers important. Therefore, when seo workers perform website optimization, they mainly build users' websites based on the sorting rules of search engines, so that the websites they use conform to the sorting rules of search engines, and thus get a better ranking!

Three channels for web development

How does foreign trade express solve the problem of online sales of small and medium foreign trade enterprises

Marketing website construction:

①The website construction integrates the wisdom and resources of both the user company and Siyiou, and serves the corporate network marketing purpose

②On the basis of considering SEO, maximize the personalized display of corporate image and detailed display of product or service information③The website forms a one-to-one display relationship with visitors to avoid price comparison and inquiry group issuance. The inquiry quality is the best and the conversion rate is the highest.

Powerful whole site SEO

① A large number of high-quality keywords, comprehensively covering the search behavior and habits of buyers

②Related keyword recommendation tool to effectively improve the effect

③Website evaluation tools to help users improve website content

④Site structure that meets SEO requirements and abundant external chain resources

⑤Multilingual, localized promotion of search engines

Multi-channel systematic network marketing

Foreign Trade Express Business Software:Help users create corporate accounts on more than a thousand internationally well-known foreign trade B2B business platforms, and publish corporate product and service information to the corresponding platforms, gaining more exposure for corporate products and services, and gaining more for corporate websites The traffic is transformed into inquiries and orders.

SNS marketing:The smart SNS marketing function of Foreign Trade Express, through correlation analysis based on billions of SNS data and friend group management, as well as accurate and timely information push, and frequent targeted friend interaction to contact customers, attracting waterfall traffic and strong intentionality Customer inquiries, realizing real social marketing for users

Purchaser data mining system:Based on accurate buyer data, take the initiative to attack, develop customers, and grasp the initiative in marketing.

4. One-stop operation, management and monitoring platform:

①Update and add products, industry knowledge, news and other website content as needed

②Convenient access to and management of inquiries, emails and orders

③Check the keyword ranking, traffic, access area and domain name in real time, and monitor the effect of foreign trade express

④Foreign Trade Express APP, covering different work scenarios in all directions

Foreign Trade Express Super C Package Service Type


Package Type

Super C

Website production

Website building

VR panoramic view factory

Google ranking
Home page keyword commitment number


System functions

Foreign Trade Express App

47 minor language system generation

Mobile website generation

Customer portrait

Global Buyer Recommendation

Global Buyer Inquiry

Foreign trade practical training

Foreign Trade Express Business Software

SNS marketing

Intelligent monitoring


Website production

Website building

9,800 yuan

VR panoramic view factory

20000 yuan

Google ranking

18800 yuan

System functions

21,000 yuan

First year discount
9,800 yuan


59,800 yuan/year