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Use Google SEO Optimization Guide
- 2020-11-08-

On September 15th, according to the network marketing expert, network marketing consultant and SEO expert Jack pointed out that Google SEO requires long-term investment and lasts a long time, but the risk is relatively low and the return is relatively high. If the two content is the same, the keyword selection is the same, and the web page layout is the same, one will continue to do Google SEO and the other will not do SEO. It is possible that in the first half of the year, there may be no difference in the data of the two same websites in terms of clicks, pageviews, and inquiries. But as time goes by, one year later, the website that does SEO constantly adjusts its ranking. The data on clicks, pageviews, and inquiries, order conversions, are several times higher than that of websites that don’t do SEO. At the same time, Jack also pointed out that when the ranking is high, optimization cannot be stopped, and the website needs to be updated and maintained regularly to keep the website active and get Google's approval. Otherwise, the ranking of the website may be brushed down by other websites.

At the same time, he also pointed out that keywords have a very important influence in Google SEO, and different keywords will lead to different results. The key word is to determine how far your sales business can go. When choosing keywords, determine the type of keywords and set goals. Look for competitors who are stronger than yourself and target them. At the same time, external link services need to be done to obtain better data.

Although Google SEO is a long-term battle, continuing will give you unexpected results. Make good use of some of the Google SEO optimization guidelines for your website. With lessons learned, you will avoid detours. I hope you can walk out a bright road through learning and exploration.