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How to make a foreign trade express
- 2020-11-08-

How to doForeign Trade Express? First of all, Foreign Trade Express is an intelligent network marketing system platform based on big data and cloud computing. Foreign Trade Express has eight major advantages. It can help companies achieve global promotion and development of emerging markets.

How does the foreign trade express train headwind in 2020? On August 5, 2020, the General Office of the State Council issued a document. The document pointed out that we must further strengthen the work of stabilizing foreign trade and foreign investment, and stabilize the supply chain of the industrial chain. A senior teacher told us that we should analyze from the internal and external environment. From the outside, know how to use the live broadcast bonus period, pay attention to live broadcast and emerging markets to deal with the passive situation of the exhibition in the post-epidemic period, increase the proportion of EDM, attach importance to the development of small language markets, increase investment in SNS marketing, and re-examine negotiation strategies. Find a way to break the bottleneck as soon as possible. From the inside, the enterprise should implement refined and institutionalized management, divide labor to improve efficiency, actively introduce talents, and build new teams to consolidate theories.

According to relevant reports, Foreign Trade Express has accumulated 15,000 paying corporate users. They are all through Google. Google is the world's largest search engine, with billions of searches every day. More than 95% of global buyers use Google to find product suppliers when purchasing products.

Foreign Trade Express is a product different from traditional SEO. It not only greatly improves the user experience, but also leaves more inquiries for more customers. Foreign Trade Express has successively developed a mall version, a global version, and an enhanced version. It has many functions, strong strength, and many advantages, helping companies from all walks of life to increase the conversion rate of website enquiries and maximize their benefits.