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Independent station promotion and drainage can build foreign trade enterprise brand
- 2020-11-08-

Affected by this year's epidemic, China's epidemic has been brought under control, and the economy and industry have recovered. However, the epidemic broke out in Europe and America. Some time ago, 13 European and American regions were closed again. As a result, foreign economies are in trouble, and the development of traditional trade and foreign trade is hindered in export-oriented regions like China. With the development of foreign epidemics, gathering activities are forced to be cancelled, but small family activities or outdoor activities have become a form of entertainment for foreigners. As a result, the demand for products in the small home appliance industry and outdoor products has increased. Online shopping has become the main shopping method for foreigners under the epidemic. Promoted the development of cross-border e-commerce in China. Therefore, in this context, the independent station has been favored by more foreign trade companies and cross-border e-commerce.

Due to fierce competition within third-party trading platforms and various regulatory restrictions, many platform sellers have begun to transform themselves into independent stations. At the same time, under the influence of the epidemic, many traditional trade types have begun to transform. With the resources of their original old customers, they have a great advantage in brand building through independent standing. Through the construction of independent stations, the company’s brand image can be promoted, the company’s own brand can be created internationally, and the company’s brand awareness can be strengthened. Google has a very large customer base, so the effect of using Google as an independent station to drain traffic can be said to be beyond doubt. Independent station promotion and drainage can build a global brand for the company, allowing customers to better understand your company and your products.

The transition from active marketing in the past to passive marketing in the past has continuously strengthened the brand awareness of enterprises. And want to build a brand of your own company internationally, throughIndependent station promotion and drainageIt is a good way.