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How to do seo
- 2020-11-08-

The Lenskold Group and MarketSphere research shows that 65% of companies said that they will pay more attention to the evaluation of sales effectiveness in the future. So how do we do seo better? Here are a few tips to share with you.

1. Use friendly links correctly.

What is the correct use of friendship links? That is to use pure text hyperlinks as a way to connect your web pages. What we should pay attention to when exchanging links is that we must do it selectively. Friendship links are generally links to the homepage of a website, and a website generally has a higher weight on the homepage. High-quality friendly links can increase the PR value of the website and the update rate of the website.

2. Let each web page have its own independent title and description.

In this way, to a greater extent, what you want to show to the public can be included.

3. Originality means creating good content that you are willing to share and repost by yourself.

Has its own set of unique website construction methods, combining basic operations with high thinking. Create your own personalized website.

4. Build a simple and beautiful website.

What kind of website is considered simple and beautiful? I believe that many people are not unfamiliar, because more or less we can access the website. For example, when you search for something on Baidu, you click on the link to enter an independent website.

Don't mess up the content, set up automatic pop-ups, have clear layout, and the website loads fast.

If classified, it can be divided into two categories, from the inside and outside of the station:

  1. Site optimization: keyword optimization, content optimization, tag optimization, title tag optimization, and it is very necessary for SEO, that is, the increase of keywords and original articles.

  2. Out-of-site optimization: Make friendship links, add external links, and optimize operations for the products, services, features, etc. inside the site.

The above sharing hopes that our sharing has a full understanding of the company. Can increase website traffic and bring more orders.