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How to choose a foreign trade software? How about CRM for Foreign Trade Express?
- 2020-11-08-

On October 27th, according to Hugo.com, it is essential for foreign trade practitioners to use some foreign trade software, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises are characterized by small scale, relatively few product categories, and relatively simple business management. Therefore, if small and medium enterprises want to expand their interests, they must expand the size of their customer groups. When a company has more customers, the more orders it makes, the more profitable it will be. Developing and stabilizing customers is a very important task for enterprises.

And mentioned that if you want to choose a foreign trade software that suits you, you need to know whether this foreign trade software can exactly solve your own problems and whether it meets the actual requirements. Such as whether it can solve the problem of developing customers, whether it can be followed up continuously, whether the enterprise data is safe... etc. To sum up, when looking for a foreign trade software, you must first understand the problems you need to solve in your work and find the right entry point to find a foreign trade software that suits you.

The CRM of Foreign Trade Express has undergone continuous product development and application, and the product module functions, process management and software interface are constantly changing and innovating in accordance with customer application requirements. High-efficiency and multi-dimensional customer management, new customer development, follow-up of intended customers, important customer management, and company customer resource protection. Improve sales performance in an all-round way, use big data to improve corporate profitability and employee work efficiency, find customers with customs data, monitor competitors, and tap key people in the purchase of peer customers. Faster and more efficient decision making, stronger data security, and combined with APP to significantly improve work efficiency.

Efficiency is very important to foreign trade salespersons. I hope the CRM system of Foreign Trade Express can help you.