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New opportunities for the development of independent marketing stations
- 2020-11-08-

The Internet is constantly developing, and now society has entered the Internet age. The basic necessities of contemporary people can be solved through the Internet. Many companies are also closely following the development of society, and many have opened up online channels to obtain more business orders. Now with the continuous efforts of network promotion, independent marketing stations have also ushered in its development opportunities. If a company wants to get more traffic through a marketing independent station, it must first understand the knowledge of search engines, so how do you do it?

The first is high-quality website content. For independent marketing stations, original content is very important. For original content, first of all, the number of words in the information content of the article must be more than 500 words, and it must be able to read both pictures and texts, so that users will be interested in reading after entering the website; then, the high-quality original content must be typeset reasonably and as beautiful as possible. Only after these optimizations can we have more opportunities for our website to obtain ranking and traffic in search engines, and improve the ranking effect of one of our websites.

The second is to fill in the map of our website correctly. As the saying goes, "details determine success or failure", in order for our website to get more traffic and rankings, every detail needs to be captured. For example, the "site map" is a small detail. The site map is an important optimization technique for guiding spiders. The site map and robots files are optimized together so that the spiders can be better guided to crawl the content of our website.

The third is the optimization of the internal pages of the website. This is mainly for the reasonable distribution of keywords that need to be optimized on our website in the article, remember not to have too many or not, generally three to five are enough. In addition, the description of the alt picture also needs to be described reasonably according to the actual picture, and do not cause keyword stuffing.

The Internet age has brought countless opportunities, and we will not be far from success if we can grasp it. To be an independent marketing station, you must choose the right channel, keep learning, and keep optimizing the website to gain the trust of the engine and get more opportunities.