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Celebrate Christmas-Foreign Trade Express
- 2020-12-25-

The annual Christmas event is here again. Although Christmas is a Western holiday, with the change of the times, this romantic holiday has become more and more popular among young Chinese. As an Internet company, our company has billions in foreign trade and foreign trade express. Our company gathers young people, and of course it also has to celebrate young people's festivals. This event is mainly to enhance the friendship between colleagues, enhance mutual feelings, and spend a happy and meaningful Christmas, so the company plans this event.

Our event was mainly planned by our administrative commissioner, which was divided into four parts, and it was held quite well. In the first part, our administrator will give the opening remarks for this Christmas event. Colleagues will sing songs full of Christmas flavor, such as Merry Christmas.

The second part is the most interesting part, one of our game sessions. Two interesting mini games: "Pig, Dog, Man" and "Playing Card Game". These two games are really interesting. In the "pig, dog, and human" game, there will always be demographic mistakes in saying the sentence "I am not a pig, I am not a dog, I am a human" as "I am a pig", "I am a dog", "I am Not a person" caused the audience to laugh. The "Playing Cards War" is an event that tests everyone's sincerity and acting skills. There will always be some colleagues who have good acting skills to change a card with the smallest number to a card with a big number. In this game, our boss was the worst loser. Three consecutive hands got the smallest number 2 in the game and got the minimum.

The third part is the issuance of greeting cards. The content of the greeting cards received is read. Each greeting card is written by a colleague, so everyone will get a Christmas greeting card except themselves. Every colleague wrote full of heart: "Six lottery every day", "All the good things come as scheduled", "Merry Christmas" and so on, and even painted Santa Claus unexpectedly.

This is our summary. I took a group photo with the company and a fun photo with colleagues. The whole event was very joyful. Of course, we need to thank our administrative lady for planning activities, buying food and beverages and setting up the venue early in the morning. Finally, I hope that our company will do better and better, and can better serve customers. The customers of Foreign Trade Express and Yiqibao can make money. Finally, all the staff of our company wish you all a Merry Christmas.