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Embrace Christmas Eve--Yiqibao
- 2020-12-24-

Christmas Eve is Christmas Eve, so do you know the origin and meaning of Christmas Eve? Next, we will give you a popular science.

Christmas Eve actually stems from a rumor. According to legend, if you can receive a big apple with the words "Christmas Peace", "Merry Christmas" and "Ping Peace" on Christmas Eve, you will be safe in the new year. Since the name "Ping" has a homophone, the name "Ping" is also called Pingan. With the continuous changes of the times, sending apples on Christmas Eve is equivalent to a good wish for you to be safe and sound next year. In my opinion, Christmas Eve is a day full of good wishes and a sense of ceremony.

Today, our colleagues went to work as usual. We were pleasantly surprised that we saw a well-packaged apple and a few candies on the table after we had a rest in the afternoon. There is also a name and a happy greeting on the packaging box. Today, everyone has received the best wishes from the company, and my heart is warm.

Our company has always advocated a spirit of "love and justice". We hope that everyone who returns to the company will be as warm and loving as a company group when they return home. We treat our customers in the same way. We are like a family group, helping each other, providing quality services, and treating every customer sincerely. Regardless of whether it is a foreign trade express or Yiqibao, we are doing services with a mentality of hoping to help customers improve their performance and achieve the goal of mutual benefit.

Here, we, Liancheng Enterprise, on the Yiqibao platform, wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Christmas Eve~