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Liancheng Enterprise launches Zhanjiang school recruitment activities
- 2020-12-13-

Just after finishing a school recruitment in Panyu, Guangzhou on the 10th, we started the next one. This time we recruited us to the "Lingnan Normal College", an undergraduate college in Zhanjiang. I hope to compare the enrollment of different schools to see how students from different colleges are different. However, the feelings of fresh graduates who have just started to step into the society will be similar, nervous, excited, afraid, etc...

In this recruitment, just like last time, we are three people going forward. We arrived in Zhanjiang after a 6-hour drive from Dongguan one day in advance. The night before school recruitment was considered a Zhanjiang special dinner. The school recruitment has begun, and the situation is similar to the last time. The students are all enthusiastic about the interview. According to my observations, everyone basically patrolled the companies recruited by the school to see what companies could be selected, and finally selected companies that they liked and interested in to submit their resumes for interview. This time the school recruited students were equally enthusiastic about our Internet industry, and there was still a long line up, and the job applications were more extensive than last time. Art, photography, operations, and account managers are all available. In general, the skills of the students are also good. I hope that the students who are successful in subsequent applications can have an in-depth understanding of our company's independent station promotion and drainage.

In school recruitment, most of the most important factors for fresh graduates are these points: they can learn to grow, pay well, the company has great potential for development, the corporate atmosphere is harmonious, and the work meets the interests. The ranking is also decreasing in importance, so after understanding these needs, we will understand where our recruitment needs to be improved.