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Union Orange Enterprise Panyu school recruitment activities launched
- 2020-12-10-

Entering September is another turning point in the lives of many fresh graduates. They need to face a social baptism and begin to take their step from campus to society. Some recent graduates will feel nervous and anxious about starting social work, and of course some will be excited and want to try society quickly. All in all, some people are happy and some are worried. For a company, fresh graduates are a kind of new blood. For a company, it is necessary to inject new blood. It can not only enhance the atmosphere of the company, but also be a fresh meat for newcomers to the workplace. Provide a new learning opportunity.

On December 10, 2020, our company went to Guangzhou Panyu Vocational and Technical College for a school recruitment. When I came to the scene, it reminded me of the scene of the school recruitment that year. It was lively. After setting up the booths, the three of us began to work together and distribute the company's flyers for drainage. The other two are responsible for interviewing the recruited students at the booth to answer related questions. We are an Internet company, mainly responsible forseo search engine optimization. Maybe young people now tend to be more inclined to the Internet, so there was a constant flow of people at our booth that day, and there was a long queue. On that day, there were more interviews for operation positions and account managers. It seems that everyone likes positions that have challenges and can improve their skills. Our boss who was in charge of the interview spoke even more dry tongue, but he was very pleased with everyone's enthusiasm.

After this school recruitment, I still saw a lot of potential and skilled young meat interviews. I believe this school recruitment will harvest a lot of small partners to join our big family~ I believe our company has been doing seo search engine for so many years Optimized, the students who join will surely gain full skills in the future.