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The 7th Siyiou National Channel Ceremony
- 2021-01-12-

2020 is a challenge and a disaster facing the world-the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Siyiou held a national channel festival in the past and in the future. On January 11, 2021, the Seventh National Channel Ceremony of Siyiou was held in Hangzhou. The venue is: Hangzhou Zhonghao International Hotel, namely No. 424 Jiuhuanzhan East Road, Pengbu Street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

As a seo company, our leader, Mr. Chen Jianming, also rushed to the scene of this grand ceremony. The scene at that time was very magnificent, the audience was full and the voices were boiling. It was shocking. Every representative's keynote speech ended with rounds of applause, and the content of the speech was very valuable. In 2021, in the face of ever-changing products, Siyiou is innovating. In the face of this ever-changing market, Siyiou will use performance doubling to prove their strength.

With excitement and shaking hands, our Dongguan Liancheng Enterprise Service Co., Ltd. also won the Unlimited Potential Award. Our leader, Mr. Chen Jianming, took the stage to give a speech for this award. For this, we are grateful to Siyiou for its strong support. Only in Liancheng has such a great achievement. We will make persistent efforts on the seo road and continue to create new brilliance.

Siyiou looks back on the past 2020 and it is full of gains. In 2021, the channel road of Siyiou will be long and lasting. They will be confident and persevering to build a better Internet service brand as the guide, steadily and steadily forge a pattern for the future, and build a new blueprint for dreams. This grand ceremony was held very successfully and the meeting ended successfully. Our seo united orange enterprise will continue to work hard to provide customers with a satisfactory and satisfactory service.