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Liancheng welcomes the twelfth lunar month with you
- 2021-01-12-

These days, the weather has dropped sharply. After a few days of warmth, it suddenly turned to such a big cold. I believe that everyone needs a lot of courage to go out. Anyway, our independent marketing station-Union Orange hopes that everyone is going out. When playing, going to work, and studying, we must pay attention to keeping warm.

Tomorrow is the twelfth lunar month, which is the last month of the lunar calendar, also known as the twelfth lunar month or wax lunar month. Then you know, why is the 12th lunar month called the twelfth lunar month? Because of this, people in ancient times attached great importance to sacrifice, and they believed that sacrifice was a “national event”. The memorial ceremony of offering sacrifices to ancestors and gods at the end of the year is called "La". During the Shang Dynasty, there were four big sacrifices in spring, summer, autumn and winter each year, offering sacrifices to ancestors and gods of heaven and earth; among them, the winter sacrifice was huge and the ceremony was grand. Later, the winter sacrifice was called "La Ji", which means to worship the gods in the twelfth lunar month.

As an independent marketing station, Liancheng Enterprise keeps up with the development trend of the times. In addition to product quality and price advantages, the establishment of an independent station must also find a breakthrough in marketing, and lay out different types of traffic for different user attributes and habits.

In the ancient calendar, the December of the lunar calendar was called "the twelfth lunar month", and the day when the winter festival was held was called the "twelfth day." At the beginning, the "Lari" was not fixed and could be flexibly controlled. In the Han dynasty, the third day after the winter solstice was designated as the "Lari" to worship the gods.

This twelfth lunar month, we are also doing our part in order to better serve our customers. At present, the three major trends of independent marketing stations are mobile, social and content marketing. We keep up with this trend, and can only serve every customer well and strive for the customer. We are serious.

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