Yiqibao B service package

Yiqibao B service package

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Yiqibao serves users with heart

16 years of technology precipitation, quality assurance of listed companies

What is Yiqibao?

What is Yiqibao?

YiqibaoIs to help various domestic small and medium enterprisesseoSearch engine optimization network marketing system. The advantage of this system is that it can help enterprises solve problems in a one-stop manner, from domain name registration, intelligent website establishment, WAP website (micro official website) intelligent generation, intelligent SEO, email and inquiry processing, and effect intelligent monitoring. What is important is that it is convenient for companies to obtain keyword rankings in domestic engines in a short time, and to obtain a large amount of traffic to promote companies to obtain enquiries and convert orders.

Service package

Service package

Marketing website

Build a set of independent marketing capabilities for Yiqibao usersIndependent marketing station, And give away a dedicated smart cloud server.

Mobile WAP station

Smartphones suitable for mobile browsing and mobile search rulesWAPstation.

Inquiry Management

When a buyer makes an inquiry through a message on the website, the user's mobile phone and email will receive an instant reminder to ensure the timeliness of each inquiry.

Online negotiation

You can negotiate with buyers directly through the web without using three-party tools

Intelligent monitoring

Real-time monitoring of website rankings, traffic, visits, and inquiries

Yiqibao App

Free giftapp, Customers can check on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere, manage their own background ranking inquiries, without missing any business opportunities, simple, convenient and effective.

Yiqibao whole site SEO

Yiqibao whole stationSEOTechnology, based on Baidu, Sogou,360The ranking rules and algorithms of search engines make the structure, code, content, links and other aspects of the website get the attention of search engines. Yiqibao provides users with16Kind of rules of purchasing behavior keywords, in the search engine

Create a keyword web to grasp the intended customers at different stages of procurement.

Yiqibao optimized ranking for 10 main keywords

User can provide10Designated subjects (composite index150Inside),And attribute words such as core business area and profit model. Yiqibao provides users with10A core keyword and thousands of long-tail words optimization service. Different versions have different ways to reach the standard. After reaching the standard, the service time will be calculated. During the service period, users will be continuously optimized to help users obtain better promotion effects.

Yiqibao whole site SEO B package

Yiqibao whole site SEO A package

Option 1: Baidu PC or Baidu Mobile 2 main keywords or Baidu pc+ Baidu Mobile accumulates 30 keywords homepage
Or Option 2: Baidu{{1}}Baidu Mobile{{2}}Sogou+360 accumulative 6 main keywords or 60 keywords homepage

English version

The English version shows the strength of the company

WeChat Mini Program

WeChat user traffic entrance, seize the huge market of mobile terminal, users do not need to download, scan the code and use it

Baidu Mini Program

Relying on global traffic represented by Baidu App, connect users through Baidu AI open empowerment


100 industry knowledge and news updates every year to increase website activity

Six advantages of Yiqibao products

Product advantages

Covering 98% of the domestic search market

Baidu PC, Haosou 360, New Sogou, as China's mainstream search engine, account for more than 98% of the Chinese search engine market.

Mainstream search engine homepage

Yiqibao is a set of intelligent integrated search network marketing system developed after 14 years of technology precipitation and the SEO experience of more than 100,000 companies to help customers seize the homepage rankings of Baidu PC, Haosou 360, and New Sogou.

Multi-search engine localization coverage

Yiqibao is not only on Baidu's PC terminal, Haosou 360, New Sogou helps companies solve the ranking problem, but also has a team on Baidu mobile terminal to provide SEO services 24 hours a day, and will also have a better ranking to achieve greater benefits.

Target customers

Yiqibao analyzes the different search habits of buyers, helps companies design hundreds of product-related keywords to promote to the main search engine homepage, fully locks the different needs of each buyer, and can find you in a short time.

Intelligent monitoring of effects

Yiqibao adopts an intelligent customer detection system to allow users to see the results at a glance, including displaying website keyword rankings, traffic conditions, enquiries, visitor analysis, etc., and through

Multi-scene coverage

The users of Yiqibao can build PC and mobile websites in corresponding languages ​​at the same time, and the two sets of websites are optimized and managed simultaneously, fully covering the user's work scene.

Features of Yiqibao marketing products

Marketing product features

10 reasons to choose us

10 reasons to choose us

0116 years of se technology precipitation07High word rate for keywords
02China's seo industry is listed on the NEEQ and will be listed on the main board soon08The ranking continues to be stable and more advanced
03Technical staff over 300+09Keywords are not limited in popularity, strong ability to reject hot words
04Domestic high-tech enterprises10Industry domain name:www.seo.com.cn
05Serving more than 100,000 customers11MIP mobile web acceleration
06Keywords short on-line cycle12Smart applet access

Cooperation Process

Cooperation Process

Customer case

Customer case

Thanks to Yiqibao for letting our company call more than 300 monthly consultations

I am Yinchuan Dongfanglong Automobile Service Company, a one-stop automobile service center specializing in changing from automobile oil to gas, automobile gas cylinder inspection, automobile repair, and automobile maintenance. In the past few years, many Internet companies have contacted us and have not tried. Until the beginning of this year, I met with Manager Wang Hui of Tianmai Network, Yinchuan Service Center of Yiqibao. He introduced me to Yiqibao. The model of not meeting the standard and not counting service time attracted attracted Me, I feel that this model is more secure for us, so I cooperated with the intention of giving it a try.

After the Yiqibao website went online, Xiao Wang from the maintenance department was very attentive to tell me about the weekly update content and ranking progress of my website, and patiently explained to me how to organize my company's information for putting it on the website and improve network promotion. The effect made me worry a lot; it helped us achieve the effect that there was no information on the Internet before the keyword ranking top, and now there are more than 300 telephone consultations on average every month. All members of our company highly approve Yiqibao products and Yiqibao Yinchuan Service Center. I am willing to cooperate with Yiqibao for a long time, and I believe the effect will be better and better!